Wayyu Community – Priority Areas


  1. Emphasis on affirmative action programs.

Affirmative action programs can help to empower local communities through education and this can help young people within the Waayu community to refrain from drugs and also be at par with people from other communities.

  1. Economic empowerment.

Economic empowerment programs within the Waayu community would help them to start businesses, access loans, disbursement and grants and also buy shoats including goats, sheep and cows for their living.

  1. A cultural center within Waayu community.

Documentation of the culture of the Waayu community has been a problem and members of that community consequently feel the need to come up with an exhibit or cultural center to preserve their culture and artifacts and also liase with donor agencies to help in preserving Wayyu language through teaching to the young ones. This needs a concerted effort where the input of every one is needed.

  1. Scholarships for children within Waayu community.

Access to education has financial implications and therefore it is important that children get access to funds so that they are able to access education within their communities. The Wayyu had a fundraising kit though the kit got depleted in the long run and quite a number of Wayyu students from Marsabit and Tana River Counties had benefited from this kit in accessing tertiary Colleges and universities. Unfortunately, this kit did not cater for high school students because it was not adequate for all levels of education.