About us

Who we are

Hunter – Gatherers Forum Kenya (HUGAFO – K) is a network of members drawn from the various hunter and gatherer communities (HGs) in Kenya. Member communities of HUGAFO –K include the Ogiek of Mt. Elgon, Ogiek of Mau, Waayu, Sengwer, Sanye as well as the Yaiku community. The forum seeks to provide a platform through which HGs can communicate, document and share their vast experiences to foster understanding, collaboration and solidarity, offering a united voice in national matters concerning HGs in Kenya

Brief History

The history of HUGAFO-K can be summarized in three meetings.

The first meeting of HUGAFO-K was held on the 6th to 9th November 2019 at Sweet Lake Resort in Naivasha. The main aim of the meeting was to conduct a dialogue for hunter gatherer communities on building a united front for resource rights advocacy in Kenya. At the end of the meeting, the members agreed to work together through their respective organizations to give a voice to the hunter gatherer communities in Kenya. An interim steering committee had been formed and the committee agreed to have a next meeting soon in order to forge a way forward for HUGAFO-K.

The Second HUGAFO –K meeting happened on the 23rd and 24th January in Naivasha at Sweet Lake Resort and brought together the interim steering committee members that had been selected at the first meeting. From the meeting, the HUGAFO-K Constitution was formed as well as other documents including the application for membership form.

The third HUGAFO-K meeting was held to bring together various hunter-gatherer communities to share experiences and have joint action for the future of hunter gatherer communities. At the end of the meeting, members made proposals that were meant to move HUGAFO-K forward including coming up with a logo and website for the forum.

To this day, HUGAFO-K members and staff are working tirelessly to make sure that the mission, vision, goal and objectives of HUGAFO-K are met.



An empowered hunter gatherer community able to influence decisions and policies to advocate for their rights and social-economic well-being.


Strengthening the voices of hunter gatherer communities.


To unify the voices of hunter gatherer communities in Kenya.


  1. To unify hunter-gatherer communities and their voices with common goals to enable influence policy processes and advocate for their rights.
  2. To build capacities of hunter gatherer communities, organizations and their leadership.
  3. To advocate for recognition and protection of hunter gatherers rights in counties, national, regional and international levels.
  4. To promote socio-economic empowerment for our members.
  5. To carry out research and documentation.