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IPCC aims to increase adaptation and mitigation measures in hard areas to reach e.g. Garissa, Tana River and Lamu Counties. The core values include equality, transparency, commitment and inclusivity.  Focal areas for the IPCC Watch include land and natural resource governance, water and sanitation, public health, education and vocational training as well as food security. Security, pece building and conflict resolution, documentation, advocacy and transfer of indigenous knowledge. IPCC target groups include hunters and gatherers, nomadic pastoralists and Small scale farmers.

The objectives of IPCC Watch include:

Climate change:

  • To improve early warning systems and disaster preparedness with regards to climate change.
  • Climate change adaptation, mitigation and related technologies.
  • To enhance the role of indigenous communities in climate change mitigation.
  • To participate in policy and legislation making process for sustainable natural resources.
  • To increase the resilience of indigenous communities on climate change.

IPCC’s major beneficiaries include indigenous women, indigenous youth, persons with disabilities, persons living with HIV/AIDS and indigenous elderly men and women.


Mohammed Goni.

Phone Number: 0113393055



LMPD is a Community Based Organization established in June 2020 as a non- profit making and voluntary entity of members of the Lamu Minority Communities in furtherance of the objectives as stated below: –

  1. To develop and uphold the best of the cultural, social, economic rights of the Minority communities.
  2. To articulate and develop a collective strategic agenda to guide advocacy efforts towards realization and correction of historical injustices, considering existing gaps and emerging opportunities.
  3. To advocate for the protection and registration of community land belonging to the communities.
  4. To ensure there is access to basic health care, good education and employment opportunities for the marginalized minority Groups.

The organizations goal is to realize the protection and promotion of the minority people’s rights.

It’vision to ensure access to minorities’ rights so as to eradicate poverty and contribute to their dignity and identity, hence improving their living standards.

LMPD’s vision is to ensure progressive realization of minorities people’s rights in Lamu and beyond.

The Membership of the Lamu minority people and Development organization (LMPD) is comprised of the two Minority communities of the Awer and the Sanye people from Lamu County.


  1. Countering Violent Extremisms (CVE). This is an ongoing project. It focuses on countering the narrative of radicalization and violent extremisms. It also aims at giving young opportunity to understand dangers of Radicalization and Violent Extremisms.
  2. Freedom of Religious Beliefs (FORBs) This project targets all religious leaders in Lamu and Tana River County, FORBs seeks to promote inter religious trust and Respect among different religious groups through conducting Inter and Intra religious Dialogue Forums.
  3. Sensitization and awareness campaign for the COVID 19 pandemic to the Minority communities. This project was aimed at strengthening community resilience towards the COVID 19 pandemic in Kenya. It was implemented by doing a Door to Door sensitization campaign together with county Public health officers.



Mohamed Yussuf Kitete

Phone: 0715-349-314 /0701- 687-879

The Executive Director – LMPD.

Email address ,