Wayyu Community – Lead Organizations



The objectives include:

  • Support Youth through education and scholarship to pursue their studies and women in income generating activities e.g businesses etc.
  • Advocacy and human rights awareness and gender especially against gender-based violence and female genital mutilation (FGM).
  • Engage the community in cultural identity and participate in cultural activities at home and abroad and also to protect community cultural sites and shrines and conservation of environment for future generation.
  • Educate the community on their health and sanitation particularly on Covid 19, HIV pandemic and other diseases and to advocate for quality sexual and reproductive health services tailored to the needs of this community.

Though Wayyu Education Fund (WEF) used to cater for tertiary colleges and universities, Wayyu Education and Development Programme will focus more in addressing those challenges including education through objectives set above. The Wayyu Education Fund helped the youth of this community more than 200 applicants benefited from it. To them, this was a great milestone for this community despite the fact that this community is not benefiting from Saku CDF and Marsabit County Government. However, this organization will also in future extend its operation to Isiolo and Tana River Counties where Wayyu Community lives to upscale their living standards. The main challenge here is lack of funds to achieve the objectives stated above.


P.O. BOX 126 – 60500                                              Contact cell: 0722397746/ 0701386070

Marsabit County, Kenya.                                                                0725762454

E-MAIL: wayyu2018.org@gmail.com